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10 Things K-Drama Made Me Buy – 2021

Are you just like us whose easily influenced to buy something based on what you saw from a k-drama? The items may or may not be part of the PPL (Product Placement) scenes. Most of the time, it’s the items that the leads use that you can’t help but want to have what they also have.
Whether we admit it or not, some PPLs in K-dramas are effective ?

Here are our top 10 picks for 2021:

Vincenzo and Hometown Cha Cha Cha’s Kopiko

Kopiko has more air time in Vincenzo than other supporting casts lol

The latest drama to have Kopiko is none other than tvN’s Hometown Cha Cha Cha. You can see it on Episode 3. 

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/rjkkikp


True Beauty’s Swarovski Necklace

Who doesn’t want to have Suho’s necklace gift to Jugyeong?

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/tkgzaxp


Nevertheless, Butterfly Tattoo 

Song Kang’s butterfly tattoo. PERIOD ?

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/98jud57


Hospital Playlist’s Sanitizer

It’s a must have item right now so why not use the same brand as the 99z?

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/pq28pu7


Law School Laptop Sticker

Every laptop of the law students have it so… add to cart~

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/xi2t2j7


Doom At Your Service’s Promise Bracelet

We also wanted to be protected by Myul Mang!!!

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/8nkmak7


Maxim / Kanu Coffee

They are just in every kdrama we watch. So okay, we’ll give in and drink that brand of coffee. It tastes good so it’s a good buy. 

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/335gi5p  / https://shp.ee/xda7usp

My Roomate is Gumiho – Subway

Every year, there’s a drama that will feature Subway. But Seonwoo and Lee Dan made us want to buy there again. 

You can order here: https://www.subway.com/en-ph


Police University Krystal’s Makeup (AHC)

Maybe if we use AHC, we can be as pretty as Krystal even though she’s busy and stressed with her studies. *Hoping AHC will also help us prevent wrinkles*

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/fncetnp


The Uncanny Counter Red Tracksuit

We want to be a counter too lol

You can buy it here: https://shp.ee/t3yt8hp


Comment below if you also own any of the items on the list~

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