5 K-Drama Male Leads With Tsundre Personality

One of the mose famous character type among K-Dramas! The cold, mysterious type has been a favorite of K-Drama fans for many years now.  The term “tsundere” refers to the personality or the ones who has a cold outward behavior while being actually warm and caring is a trope many women fall in love. Below are just some of our favorite male leads who looks very intimidating yet very caring and warm when they fall in love.

Joo Joong Won from Master’s Sun

Played by So Ji Sub, his first name; Joong Won literally means “ruling position” or “supremacy.” The president of the Kingdom Group is a handsome, self-centered, haughty, ambitious, and money-driven businessman. Because of the trauma of a kidnapping when he was younger, he has become highly mercenary and suspicious, as well as dyslexic. He keeps Gong Shil (Gong Hyo-Jin) close to him after discovering her supernatural talent, hoping to use her to connect with his deceased girlfriend Hee joo in hunting down the 10 billion ransom given in the form of Joong-diamond won’s mother’s necklace.

Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers

The breakthrough character of Lee Min Ho. The leader of F4 and the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea. Raised by servants, instead of parents. Growing up as the son of the rich family, Jun Pyo got a straightforward personality and prefers to be intuitive rather than logical but he is pure of heart in front of a female he likes.

Lee Kang Doo from Rain or Shine

Played by Jun Ho, Lee Kang Doo a soccer player aspirant, but lost his father in a car accident and his dream after having a fractured leg that required three years of rehabilitation. Kang Doo, who has no parents, no academic background, and no abilities to become a beevil hill, naturally penetrates the back alleys and lives a life of patience. He then meets Moon Soo (Won Jin Ah), who lives life fiercely and stays strong while taking care of her mother.

Cha Eun Woo from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Played by Cha Eun Woo, the college student who got looks and wealth privately bears emotional wounds from his difficult family life. He seems unbothered with what others say, giving the impression that he is cold and aloof; but, he does have a compassionate side within him.

Hwang Tae Kyung from You’re Beautiful

Played by Jang Geun Suk, the actor who took Asia by storm with this role in a 2009 drama, You’re Beautiful. Hwang Tae Kyung, A.N.JELL’s guitarist and lead vocalist. Tae Kyung, A.N.JELL’s lead vocalist and guitarist. Tae Kyung has a cold aura, but he softens as he falls for Mi-nyeo (Park Shin Hye). His past haunts him, as does his estranged connection with his mother.

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