5 Korean Stars Who Were Discovered in Unexpected Ways

This is what we call fate. Others, on the other hand, spend half their lives auditioning for hundreds of companies. These stars have been cast in the most unlikely and unexpected circumstances. Take a look at the list below!

EXO – Sehun

The 13-year-old boy eating ddeokbokki from a street vendor with his friends had no idea he would become a member of a legendary K-Pop group. SM Entertainment scouted Sehun while he was hanging out with his friends. The staff pursued Sehun for about 30 minutes before agreeing to an audition for SM Entertainment.

ASTRO – Cha Eun Woo

He wanted to become a doctor, a judge, or a prosecutor. The scouting agent changed Cha Eun Woo’s life by following him to the restroom at a school fair, where the ASTRO member was persuaded to audition.

NCT – WinWin

Winwin, like any other child, was terrified of interacting with strangers. In 2013, he was scouted in front of his school. When the scouting agent asked for his phone number, he gave him a fake one. The agent persisted and eventually convinced him to audition for SM Entertainment.

GOT7 – Jackson

While playing basketball at school, the GOT7 member was cast in 2010 by JYP Entertainment while preparing to become a professional fencer. His parents were initially unsupportive as he prepared for the London Olympics. They agreed to let him pursue his dream of becoming a singer if he won the upcoming fencing competition. He won two gold medals at the Asian international competition and finished 11th in the world and first in Asia. Stanford and the University of Hong Kong also offered Jackson scholarships.

Jang DongYoon

In 2015, an economics student from Hanyang University went to a convenience store and saw an armed man threatening the staff. He then dialed for help and requested the store’s address from the staff. the. He was interviewed by the news and was awarded by the police. After that TV appearance, he was approached by an agency about becoming an actor.

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