5 Most Unique K-Pop Album Packaging

K-Pop is an industry packed with many creative minds. Its music videos and fashion styles up to its album packaging are undeniably helmed by amazing creatives. We compiled below some of the best and most artistic album packaging we saw in K-Pop history!

G-Dragon‘s EP Kwon Ji Yong

In 2017, the BIGBANG member released his self-entitled album, “Kwon Ji Yong.” Aside from the gem-like songs, his album caught the attention of many music lovers for its release format; USB drive. The singer opted for a USB drive instead of the usual CD. Unfortunately, there’s a snag: it’s ineligible to chart as an album in South Korea.

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PENTAGON‘s 11th Mini Album LOVE or TAKE

This is definitely passable as a manga. Fans view this as a collection, much like a complete manga book. Their compact album was released in three different versions: Romantic, Sporty, and Mild, each with its own artistic cover and booklet.

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SHINee’s 5th Studio Album 1 of 1

The whole concept of the album is inspired by the ’90s. According to member Jonghyun, the concept mirrors any period from the late 1970s to the 1990s. To fully embrace retro, the album was released in cassette tapes and jewel cases.

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f(x)’s 2nd Studio Album Pink Tape

Of course, f(x), SHINee’s female counterpart, is on this list. One of their best-selling albums was packaged in a VHS/cassette format, with a CD printed to look like a film reel. The group’s logo and text are in an 8-bit font, and the design elements of this promotional packaging reflect their sensitive appearance. This album is a recipient of the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ in 2014.

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(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon’s 1st Mini Album Windy

Aint’ just music but food! Soyeon of (G)I-DLE feeds her fans not just with her amazing musicality but also with food. Of course, it’s a joke! Her first mini-album arrived in the form of a retro fast-food chain takeaway box. The concept of a restaurant inspired not only the album but also the music video. The lyrics and tracklist were combined into a “menu,” and the CD featured a 3D burger. It includes a membership card, a coaster, and stickers.

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