5 Things You Might Not Know Yet About Kim Seon Ho

Say bye to your screens! You’ll finally see the man who made the lockdown worthwhile!

Finally! The breakout star Kim Seon Ho is slated to meet his fans in the Philippines for his first Asia Tour this 2023! Kim Seonho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, has confirmed the actor’s first Asia tour on their website, noting that the fan gathering overseas has been organized in appreciation for the love and support that Kim Seon Ho continues to get from fans. Kim Seon Ho will meet his global fans in an offline event with the theme “One, Two, Three, Smile!” for the first time. ” with the goal of capturing important and enjoyable experiences with them through photos! Here are some interesting facts you might not know yet; even as a fan for years!

1. Recovered his trauma by acting

According to an interview with W Korea. He told a tragic story of his mother being attacked by a robber when he was a kid. Because of that experience, he admitted that he never imagined he’d be able to pursue anything that required him to exhibit himself in front of people. The teacher from the acting academy told him, “Rather than an acting problem, it seems like you have a different problem.” He was able to overcome that trauma through acting, and he shared, “I didn’t know how to form relationships or communicate effectively to others, but through acting, I learned how to navigate social settings.”


2. At the age of 32, he had his first ever flight, and it was to Cebu!

He stated in an interview with Esquire Korea that he signed up for the series because he loved the past works of director Oh Choong-wan and writer Park Hye-Ryun.

It made me anxious just to consider working on a project they had produced, but the writing was also lovely. It was a beautiful, fairytale-like plot that was nevertheless grounded in reality. According to the translation provided by the entertainment website Soompi, he stated to Esquire Korea, “I desired to be a part of this photo, therefore I declared that I want to do it.


3.  A theater actor since 2009

Kim Seon-ho made his stage debut as a theatrical actor in 2009, although he didn’t start acting on television until 2017. He gained praise for his performances in plays including Kiss of the Spider Woman, Sherlock, Rooftop Cat, and the New Boeing Boeing.



4.  Has a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment 

Kim Seon Ho studied at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, where the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment earned him a degree. He joined a theater organization in college and started performing in plays.


5. At the age of 32, he had his first ever flight, and it was to Cebu!

In an interview with Marie Claire in 2019, He revealed “I have always been someone with a lot of fears. I am not someone who will approach something with positive thoughts. If you wonder how bad it is, I found traveling an unfamiliar concept to me so it was not until I was 32 years old that I first rode an airplane. That was also because I could not help it, since it was a close family occasion. It was through Chief Kim‘s reward vacation to Cebu, Philippines that I first learned the appeal of traveling. Since that, I have started going on domestic travels bit by bit. Anyway, I am really bad at having the courage to do something, and positively deciding to start acting was one of the most outrageous choices I have made.”


2023 KIM SEON HO ASIA TOUR in MANILA <ONE, TWO, THREE. SMILE> is happening on January 22, 2023, 5 PM at the SM Mall of Asia Arena! Check out below the fan benefits you’ll experience this Sunday!

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