A True Superstar At Her First Solo Concert: Jessi’s Zoom In Manila

It was a feeling like no other for Jessi and her Filipino fans during Zoom In Manila on September 29; marking her first solo concert as an artist and fans witnessing a K-Pop concert like no other. Known as the “different type of beast” in South Korea for her personality and confidence on stage, but in her first ever solo concert, Jessi proved that she is more than just a beast; she has defined what it takes to be a real superstar.

The excitement hiked up fast as the heart-beating VCR appeared on the display and lights dimmed inside the venue as the clock ticked to 7:30 p.m. Jessi kicked off the night with her 2021 hit “What Type of X”  and continued into her rap from Refund Sisters’ “Don’t Touch Me.”  Decked out in one piece of black leather and knee-high boots. As expected, Jessi was embraced with the trademark cheer of the Filipino crowd.

Right after the opening, Jessi gets emotional with the warm welcome and the deafening crowd, saying she’s very grateful and nervous facing the crowd. She then reminds herself and the fans that this is going to be an amazing night, “Let’s just have an amazing f***** time, alright?” She said.

Jessi’s stage presence overflowed as she performed “Put It On Ya,” “Ganji ft. PSY” and “Numb” followed. During her “Ganji” performance, she gave a shoutout to PSY and her former entertainment company, PNATION.

The K-Pop soloist delivered inspirational speeches on standing up and being brave in the face of all the bad things going on around her. She thanked the crowd for helping her achieve her dreams as she spoke about how this is her first solo performance in her 18-year career.

Hits like “Gucci,” “Who Dat B,” “Wet,” “Down,” and “Spirit Animal” followed. Before introducing the following stage, Jessi questioned the crowd about how the Filipinos are they are excellent with everything. Referring to A-Team, who choreographed “Drip” in two to three days. This is one of the highlights show, the group spiced the event more with their outstanding moves.

Jessi changed the mood as the stage turned into an emotional one as she sang one of her ballads, “Star” which talked about her struggles leaving everything behind and moving to South Korea alone at 14 to pursue her dreams. The crowd lit up the arena with their phones as they sing along with her.

As she was invited to take a selfie with the audience, the K-Pop diva asked everyone if they could raise their hands with their middle fingers. While facing the LED screen, she was surprised by a video greeting from fans, close friends, and her mom. What we thought was a badass concert turned out to be an emotional one.

The show came to an end with “Cold Blooded” and of course the reason for the show “Zoom” and an encore performance of the band version of “Nunu Nana.”

Jessi had already spoken her goodbyes to Manila, but the crowd asked for more. She went back on stage performing “SsenUnni”. After the performance, she jumped off the stage, and moved closer to the audience, kissing, greeting, and exchanging selfies—something we seldom witness at a K-Pop concert.

We were surprised by how moved we were by the show. It was a night when Jessi revealed that she is indeed a superstar, not a beast. She has the talent, the looks, the personality, and, most importantly, the authenticity and affection for her thousands of followers that sets her apart from her colleagues. This concert will go down in history; the production, talent, and visuals are outstanding! Philippines truly got you, Jessi!

Thank you to Neuwave Events & Productions for inviting us to cover this memorable event. 

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