aespa’s “Next Level” Language on Their New Single

SM Entertainment’s newest 4 member girl group, Aespa is rocking the charts with their latest single “Next Level” but have you noticed these girls got their own language? Check out the meanings below!

First of all, aespa is a combination of ‘æ’ derived from ‘Avatar X Experience’ & ‘aspect’. The group’s name is influenced by the theme: ‘Experiencing a new world via the encounter of the ‘avatar’, your other self’.

NAVIS or nævis is the AI navigation that opens portals in and out of KWANGYA. 

KWANGYA meaning “wilderness”, an infinite digital world beyond the FLAT with no rule or form. 

SYNK is similar to an internet connection, it connects aespa and their æs. and enables æs to travel from their home in the FLAT to the REAL WORLD, where aespa lives. 

KOSMO is another universe both aespa and NCT are aspiring to reach.  

BLACK MAMBA is the evil entity in KWANGYA that makes the turmoil between the FLAT (where æ lives) and the REAL WORLD.

Watch their latest single “Next Level” below!

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