Best K-Pop Collabs From 2021

There are several K-Pop collaborations that we cannot forget in the past years and there are several more we should add because 2021 gave us a lot! We can definitely say that we are blessed with great collaborations this year. Check out some of them here:

HyunA x Dawn

How can we not love this collaboration? Real lovers in one song <3 STREAM PING PONG~

Jessi x HyunA

We’ve always wanted to see them in one stage and KBS Music Bank made it happen! For Music Bank’s half-year special, Jessi and HyunA had a dance performance.

SHINee’s Taemin x Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls Generation Taeyeon’s relationship with SHINee is special. Whatever project they do together, it’s always a hit. Jonghyun and Taeyeon’s several music collabs, Key and Taeyeon’s friendship and chemistry on variety shows. Now, the maknae is here to give us the best duet of 2021! In the recent album of Taemin titled “Advice”, he collaborated with Taeyeon in the b-side track “If I could tell you”.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi x NCT’s Taeyong

After their dance collab in 2017, everyone wanted them to work together again! Little did we know, 2021 will give us a duet song from the two (and we want more.) Taeyong and Seulgi sang to “Rose” composed by Taeyong and they also released a snippet of them dancing to NCT U’s Make A Wish”.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan x Twice’s Tzuyu

We’ve always wanted to see TWICE and Stray Kids perform together and Tzuyu and Bang Chan “kinda” made it happen. Although it was not an official collaboration and performance, we are already glad that a Twice and Stray Kids member are singing a song cover together. StayOnces, congrats!!!

Ben&Ben and Day6’s Young K

Can the pandemic end already? We just want them to be the guests of each others’ concerts T.T

Ed Sheeran x BTS

It’s not yet happening but we are already thanking everyone who made this happen! Ed Sheeran and Big Hit Music confirmed that Ed Sheeran will be participating in the new song of the phenomenal K-Pop band BTS.

Any other collabs that should be added here?

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