Brainy K-Pop idols’ photocards sought by fans ahead of college entrance exam

Nowadays, Koreans are into finding photocards of these idols not because they are their biases but for this reason.

SAT exam is near (December 3) and Koreans want the photocards of these k-pop geniuses as their amulets. For them to also pass or have high scores to their university of choice.

The idols on the list are those who are known to be smart and passed/got accepted at prestigious universities in Korea and even abroad.

If you’re aiming to also pass on your desired university or you want to have high grades, you can begin searching/collecting for their photocards as your amulets too~

Day6 Young K is a Business Administration graduate from Dongguk University.

Astro Cha Eunwoo is currently studying at Sungkyungkwan University and he got in through regular admission.

SF9 Inseong graduated at Kyunghee University with Communication & Journalism degree.

Super Junior Kyuhyun got his bachelor’s (2013) and master’s degree (2016) at Kyunghee University.

NU’EST Kwak Aron is known to be part of the top 0.5% SAT in USA. He is also accepted into New York Univeristy but he chose to go to Korea and become an idol.

Block B Park Kyung with an IQ of 156. He’s also the first idol that got accepted into Mensa International (a non-profit organization that only accepts people who score within the top 2% of a standardized intelligence test).

Or if you can’t find the photocards of these idols or you’re desired university is not on the list, you might want to try them:

Seoul National University graduates Lee Soo Man and Bang Shi Hyuk or Yonsei University’s pride, Park Jin Young.

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