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Fans of Korean Entertainment in Philippines had their wishes answered as tvN channel will be revamped to provide more and faster Korean dramas, variety programs and movies starting December 15! To launch this revamped tvN Premium channel, CJ ENM HK with WILBROS Entertainment is partnering with the leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) for its first-ever linear channel service, bringing the best Korean pop culture and entertainment onto their GigaPlay app. More than 70 million Smart mobile subscribers can now watch all the exciting contents from tvN anytime, anywhere. This is an expansion of existing partnership where SMART continuously host CJ…

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K-Pop Songs You Didn’t Know Were Remakes

If you have been listening to K-Pop for years, you might not know that some of them are remakes! Hits from the 80s, 90s Korean stars often get a remake from the newer artists. As K-Pop receives attention globally, some of your favorite songs are a remake from western artists. Here are some of them: J-Hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup Original: Webstar, Young B Remake: VAV’s Senorita Original: Kay One feat. Pietro Lombardi Remake: aespa’s Next Level Original: A$ton Wyld Remake: TOO’s Dancing in the moonlight Original: King Harvest Remake: Joy’s…

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Korean Scholarships for International Students

You might be Korea’s next scholarship grantee! Little did we know, South Korea has been generously giving foreigners academic scholarship grants to study in some of their most prestigious universities. Whether it may be from the government or private companies, South Korea has sent hundreds of foreigners to aid their education expenses and experience the culture. Most scholarship programs also offer an allowance, dorm, and medical insurance. Here’s the list of some of Korea’s best scholarship programs. Art Major Asian plus Scholarship by Korea National University of Arts Apply here:…

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K-Pop Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you also like us who look forward to celebrating and dressing up for Halloween? It’s the season where you can be who you want to be or unleash the creativity in you with the costumes. And if you’re looking for ideas, K-Pop world will give you lots~ 1 NCT These men are the definition of duality. They are cool on stage but when it’s costume time, chaotic NCT will appear. 2 TWICE You cannot separate TWICE and Halloween. You can get so many costume ideas from them. Whether you…

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