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The “Firsts” In K-pop Industry Made By Your Favorite Idols

Back when K-Pop is not yet known all over the globe, its unique fandom culture has been the backbone of the industry since the beginning. Take a look at these idols who introduced the distinctive and most celebrated fandom culture today’s K-Pop fans enjoy.

Here are some of k-pop’s firsts:

First Lightstick: BIGBANG’s Bangbong

Before the lights that can form an ocean, balloons are the official fandom’s cheering gear, but it changed after BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon thought of Bangbong. He thought of helping distinguish the V.I.Ps among the other fandoms.

First Photocards: Girls’ Generation and TVXQ 

Part of the experience when purchasing an album is the photocard. Words will never be enough when you got your bias’ photocard. In 2007, SM Entertainment introduced the first ever K-Pop group photocard for TVXQ, which was released in Japan. Until in 2010, Girls’ Generation released their first photocard included in their Korean album “Oh”.

First 100 Weekly Music Show Wins: Girls’ Generation 

A music show win is a huge feat for any idol group. Receiving their first-ever music show win is always an emotional moment for the fans and idols, but these girls were crowned in 2015 as South Korea’s first group to win 100 weekly music show awards.

First K-Pop Dolls: EXO 

As the K-Pop industry evolved, its fandom culture surely took the same path. From balloons to lightsticks and now, K-Pop dolls are one the hottest item in the market. Introduced in 2015 by EXO’s Chen’s fansite, which was a hit, since then other fandoms followed the trend.

First K-Pop to get nominated in Grammys : BTS

For the very first time, a K-pop act got nominated in the prestigious award giving body, Grammys. And the first group who made it to the list is none other than global stars BTS. They are also the very firsts to perform in the said award show.

First group to have several #1 debuts in Billboard Hot 100: BTS

BTS is the first group in history to earn several #1 debuts in Billboard’s Hot 100. They are also the first act to replace themselves at No.1 on Hot 100 since 2018 (Drake).

Are there any other k-pop groups that should be included here? Comment below and let other k-pop fans know your faves’ achievements~

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