How Were K-Pop Fans Like During The 90s?

We fell into the K-Pop black hole thanks to the internet. All updates and happenings are just a click away, creating a stronger bond between fans and idols. But have you ever wondered what it was like to be a fan in the 1990s? How were comebacks announced? How is communication among fans maintained? Let’s go back in time and see what it was like to be a K-Pop fan in the 1990s!


Before lightsticks there were:

Lightstick became a thing only after BIGBANG introduced it to the K-Pop world. But before the glow sticks and extravagant fan lights, K-POP fans use balloons as a cheering material, of course, with their color representing the fandom.


Huge Banners

Although they still exist up to this day, banners before are way too large with texts that are quite disturbing.

“Sunho, die with me.”


“Stop saying nonsense and just shout ‘Sechskies Best'”


Physical Fight

Kids today may not be able to survive in this type of environment. Fans of today can tweet ruthlessly toward other fans while hiding behind their Twitter usernames. However, physical fights between two large fandoms were common in the 1990s. This is common before or after an awards show.


How comebacks were announced/communication with fans:

Comebacks these days are announced on their social media accounts with photo teasers and comeback schedules but before, it was through a beeper or posted on their websites. 







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