Idols Who Were Once Fans Of Your Favorite Groups

Before turning into professional musicians, many of K-Pop idols were inspired by their idols. It is no wonder that we want them to succeed as much as we want to be successful ourselves because they are just like us in some ways and for that reason alone; we want them to succeed. This list of stars who were inspired by their idols is more than just fans who love their idols and wish them the best. In fact, some of these figures have become quite famous on their own through the efforts of their hard work and dedication to what they do. Here is a list of stars who have been inspired by other celebrities:

SHINee’s Key

Almost common knowledge among K-Pop fans that SHINee’s Key is a big fan of the queen of K-Pop, BoA. Over time, the two have become best friends and In BoA’s first reality show, Key appeared and revealed that he didn’t just like her because she was pretty. He liked the iconic part of her as an artist, but now after becoming close to his idol, he liked her as a person as well.


The rumors turned out to be true. MOMOLAND‘s Jane confirmed herself on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Youngstreet‘ that she was once a fansite dedicated to INFINITE’s L. “To be honest, this is actually the first time I’m personally talking about it,” Jane responded. Everyone has their own favorite artist. I wanted to capture my favorite artists’ moments through my camera because I love photography.” Jane also revealed that her specialty is portraiture. Her father inspired her interest in photography. “My father used to be a photographer,” she explained. He has been taking photos of me since I was a child, and I enjoyed playing with cameras. As a result, I developed a natural interest in photography.

EXO Xiumin

A proud fan of TVXQ. The EXO member has been very vocal about his adoration for TVXQ. He once admitted that he auditioned for SM Entertainment because of the K-Pop group. He has been a huge fan of Changmin. In 2019 episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Xiumin shared that he sees a halo surrounding Changmin, and he has the aura that fits the name ‘God TVXQ.’ He added that He’s tall, unlike him. He’s also handsome and good at singing. The EXO members tell that people must see him in real life, although he’s good-looking on-screen as well.


According to him, SHINee made his dream of becoming a singer. The SEVENTEEN member revealed in a 2016 episode of Star Show 360, that he has always liked SHINee. He adds that his dad is acquaintances with Taemin’s uncle, and so he received one of their albums as a gift. He used to listen to their music every night before he went to sleep.

(G)-IDLE Yuqi

Yuqi of (G)-IDLE has been a Super Junior huge fan since middle school. She revealed it in 2018 at Super Junior’s variety show XtvN’s “Super TV Season 2.” The (G)-IDLE member attended Super Junior’s most recent concert in Seoul and took to Instagram to share her photos with a heartwarming caption. “It was an honor to go see The Super Show~~ I was touched you called my name during the concert ㅠㅠ I had grown my dreams while watching The Super Show, and (G)I-DLE also had a concert recently.. I was always a fan watching from below the stage but now Yuqi is also a singer who performs on stage. I’m so amazed… I wanted to become a singer after watching Super Junior, and for them to call out my name during the concert… I feel like I’m dreaming. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. I want to work harder so that I can stand on stage for a long time like Super Junior, and I want to be with my members for a long time. You guys helped me achieve my dreams and helped me make new dreams, so I will work even harder! I will become someone you can be proud of!!”


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