Kim Seon Ho is All Smiles at The Sold-Out Manila Fanmeet

South Korean actor, Kim Seon Ho sells out SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila last January 22, making his first stop of his Asian tour, “’One, Two, Three. Smile.”

Known for portraying Han Ji Pyeong and Hong Du Sik in the hit Netflix series “Start-Up” and “Hometown ChaChaCha,” Kim Seon Ho successfully held his first fan meeting last Sunday in front of a jam-packed arena. 

At the exclusive press conference before his January 22 show, the South Korean actor joyfully greeted and answered questions from select members of the press. 

In one of his dramas, he mentioned that he wanted to go to the Philippines, but now that he’s in the country for the 2nd time, he’s stunned by the warm welcome by the fans. 

The 36-year-old actor spent years as a theater actor before gaining popularity with the dramas he acted in. “The acting is pretty much similar but what makes it different theater from tv drama is the live audience and mic.” He said. Years spent on theater plays were a great stepping stone for his transition to tv acting. 

His most recent project is the mega-hit “Hometown ChaCha,” which actually is Seon Ho’s favorite role and most memorable so far. 

With his future project, he mentioned his upcoming debut movie “Sad Tropics” and for his drama comeback, he’s still planning for it.

When asked what can he tell fans who are going through tough times? He replied, “We all go through dark times, but as long as we give our best we’ll be able to overcome it and everything will be alright.”

The press conference wrapped up with Kim Seon Ho thanking his Filipino fans for coming and even those who can’t. He’s also grateful for always supporting and loving him. Seon Ho wishes to come here to the Philippines more often. 


Clad in a beige suit, Kim Seon Ho opened the show with a ballad, a performance of “Every day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim

welcomed with joy and loud cheers from the Filipino audience. 

 “Magandang araw. Kamusta kayong lahat? Namiss ko kayo.” – Kim Seon Ho greets the crowd. He was shocked when he came out about how full of passion the fans he has in the Philippines. He promises to show his passion as well. 

The fan meeting showcased different segments that allowed us to get to know him more and had close interactions with him. 

During the first segment, 3 lucky fans were picked to re-enact the famous scenes from his dramas. Kim Seon Ho was stunned to see one of the fans wearing a wedding dress, He said, “I should have worn a suit.” When asked does he feel acting with the fans? “I can feel you aren’t nervous. I’m more nervous.”

The next segment made him learn a few Tagalog phrases such as “Manigong Bagong Taon,” “Masaya akong makita kayo,” and “Pinusuan Kita!” 

An awarding Show concept followed, letting fans guess his favorite Filipino dishes. Seon Ho’s favorite Filipino food is pancit, He shared that it is similar to a Korean dish, Japchae. According to him, he tried pancit immediately when he arrived in Manila. The next Filipino dessert we wanted to try is Bibingka. “At first I thought it was Pizza.” He said.

Moving to the more interactive part of the show, lucky fans played relay games with Kim Seon Ho as well as the Filipino game, sipa. With Kim Seon Ho losing the game, he has to do the consequences such as aegyo, Kim Seon Ho can’t say no to his Filipino fans!

In another segment, Kim Seon-ho customizes a cap and signs it. A lucky fan was chosen by Kim Seon Ho himself, by selecting a chair in the VIP section before the event started. 

Toward the end of the show, he talked to the audience saying ” Thank you for touching my heart. I promise that I’ll come back to see you again.” I promise you I’ll be back with more projects in the future as a better. I also promise to be a good person, good actor, and to be here all the time for you. Salamat po. I love you all.” Right after his message, a surprise heartwarming fan-made video was shown. Making him teary-eyed. 

Kim Seon Ho concluded the show by serenading his audience with his own song “Reasons.”

The 2023 KIM SEON HO ASIA TOUR in MANILA <ONE, TWO, THREE. SMILE> was presented by Pulp Live World.


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