Korean Actors You Discovered In 2022

Every year, we add a few Korean actors and idols to our list of favorites and must-watches. The person may have caught your attention due to a K-drama in which they appear or they may have had a cameo in the show, but the person stuck to you and you can’t get enough of him ever since.

Some actors listed are not rookies anymore and you may have seen them in a Korean program or show, but the k-dramas they starred in helped them become more well-known by the year 2022.

Here are the Korean actors that you discovered while watching K-Dramas from 2022:



Son Seok Koo 


Kang Tae Oh 



Park Seo Ham and Park Jae Chan


Bae Hyun Sung


Choo Young Woo 


Hwang Min Hyun


Lee Jong Won


Choi Hyun Wook


Kim Hyun Jin


Kim Min Gue

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