Second Generation K-Pop Idols Are Back To Dominate 2021

Old K-Pop fans, 2021 is ours!

It’s been so long since we saw news (lots of it) of second-generation k-pop idols releasing new music, but 2021 is finally our year.

Now that many of the second generation idols especially the men are out from the military, it is expected that their groups will be together again to promote actively. There are also few female idols that will return to represent second-generation girl groups.

K-Pop nowadays is composed of 4th generation idols and some from the 3rd generation and very few from the 2nd generation. Most idols from the 2nd/2.5 generation are either serving in the military, pursuing a new endeavor (acting, solo career, variety, etc), or sadly have parted ways (disbanded). There are some inactive groups as well with members signed under different agencies.

But there’s hope this year, yeorobun! 2021 = OG k-pop idols’ domination.

It will definitely be a festival this year and we can’t wait for new k-pop fans to discover our beloved 2nd gen ♡

Here are some of the confirmed ones and also those who are reportedly returning with new music.



Yunho started the 2nd generation domination with the release of his solo comeback album entitled “Noir” last January 18, 2021. TVXQ Changmin was the main MC of the Mnet program “Kingdom”. Fans are expecting a comeback from the duo this year as it’s been so long since the two released music together.


SHINee returned as four with a new album titled “Don’t Call Me” on February 22, 2021. They also held their very first online concert as SHINee through Beyond Live on April 4.


IU released her 5th full album “LILAC” on March 25. There are 10 songs on the album including her pre-release track “Celebrity”.

Super Junior

One of the few second-generation groups that did not go on hiatus, Super Junior released their 10th full album entitled “The Renaissance” with the title track “House Party” on March 16, 2021, as part of their 15th debut year anniversary celebration.

Highlight (formerly BEAST)

Highlight made a comeback on April 15 with their album “The Blowing” and title track “NOT THE END” composed by member Lee Gikwang.


HyunA released her new music on January 28, 2021, with her mini-album entitled “I’m Not Cool”. The comeback was delayed before due to health-related issues but the queen is now ready to show what she got this 2021~ She also released a new track on September 9 called “Ping Pong” with real life boyfriend, Dawn.


CL participated in the title track of Epik High entitled “Rosario” unveiled on January 18, 2021, and also dropped a song dedicated to her mom “Wish You Were Here” on February 26. On August 24, she finally released her latest single called “Spicy.” In October, the 2NE1 member will release her album ALPHA.


Another group who has always been active as a group and individual activities. APink celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and released a special song dedicated to fans titled “Thank You”. It was released on April 19. All of the members except Son Naeun renewed their contracts with Play M Entertainment.


T-ara revealed on their 12th Anniversary V Live that they are having a comeback as 4 in 4 years. They shared that they are currently preparing for it. The date of their comeback is still a secret but Hyomin shared that it will happen before the end of the year. Before winter comes. The group made a buzz for their recent guesting on Knowing Brothers.


Sungjong, Sungyeol, Sunggyu, and Dongwoo held a special V LIVE to celebrate INFINITE’s 11th debut anniversary on June 9. Sungjong got discharged in May and many are still anticipating for the group to release music even though they are now under different agencies.


In 2020, CNBLUE was finally complete and they released the album “RE”CODE”. The members are currently busy with their individual activities. They celebrated their 11th debut anniversary on January 14, 2021. It was recently confirmed that the OG band will have a comeback in late October.


Because Junho is already discharged from the military (he was the last to fulfill his military duty in 2PM), they will finally reunite. 2PM released their 7th album titled “MUST” on June 28.


Reports also circulated that 2AM is going to reunite this year. Representatives of Im Seulong, Jinwoon, Jo Kwon, and Changmin also shared that they are positively considering to have a comeback.


Leader G-Dragon was seen going to the old and new building of YG Entertainment and speculations arise whether he will release his solo album or if it’s for the group’s comeback. YG Entertainment stated that G-Dragon is indeed working on a song but no further details were revealed. Seungri is currently serving in the military and he announced his retirement in the industry in March 2019.

To complete the list, we’re waiting for “Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 1:40♫“, 202NE1, and our B-E-S-T summer girls.

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