NCT 127 Links With The Loudest NCTzen Crowd

SM Entertainment‘s pride, NCT 127 hit the Philippines for their first ever solo concert, ‘NCT 127 2ND TOUR NEO CITY: MANILA – THE LINK’ held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday, September 4. 

Filipino NCTzens were so excited and thrilled that tickets to the show sold out within two hours. The excitement was felt with all the freebies and fan projects displayed before the show started!

Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan were welcomed by the deafening cheers that filled the space by thousand NCTzens as “Kick it” began to play, and the boys assembled into their choreographed formation. It was then followed by their b-side track, “Lemonade” and their 2018 hit, “Simon Says.”

Each member took time on stage to say their greetings. Group’s leader, Taeyong said “We are so happy to meet our Czennies, are you guys ready to have tonight?” and an unmatchable exclamation burst from the fans as they screamed “Yes!”

Moving to the next set of performances, the boys performed a medley of “Elevator”, “Dreamer”, and “Love Song.” 

The next set gave way to the solo and duo performances prepared by NCT 127 with Taeil’s “Another World,” Haechan for “Love Sign,” Taeyong, Johnny, Yuta, and Jaehyun then performed “Run Back 2 U.” After a few solo stages, the group gathered on the runway for “Highway to Heaven” and “Breakfast.”

We didn’t know “Manila” could be spoken so hot until Mark’s solo performance of “Vibrations,” during which he exclaimed, “Manila! Just wait, Sexy!” before taking off his fur jacket, which enraged the audience. Taeyong performed “Moonlight” half-naked, which enraged the audience once more. Mark and Taeyong collaborated on the “The Himalayas” stage.

It was followed by more solo stages from Jungwoo with his “Lipstick” performance, and Johnny, who performed a mind-blowing solo dance piece. The loud crowd that yelled before Jaehyun’s “Lost” made him smile before singing the first lyric.

Fans then are serenaded with the eargasmic voices for “The Rainy Night“, “White Night“, “Back 2 U” and Doyoung’s “The Reason Why It’s Favorite” for their select ballads, which were a fantastic addition to calm the noise genre.

Their most recent release, “Favorite,” was played at the extended stage with “Bring the Noise.” NCT127 heated up the night by singing “Love on the Floor,” one of the fans’ most anticipated songs. Last but not the least, Yuta wrapped up the set with “Butterfly.”

When the hits start coming, you know it’s almost the end of the show. The boys returned sporting denim jackets and casual clothing, performing audience favorites “Touch” and “Cherry Bomb.”

Before coming back on stage for their encore performance, a VTR where the 9 members shared their heartwarming hand-written messages with their voiceovers was shown. The boys took the stage to perform “Dreams Come True,” and the members expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome. They wished to come back to Manila with a 2-night show to see all the passionate Filipino NCTzens. To cap off the night, NCT 127 went around the stage while fans threw gifts on stage, performing “Promise U” and making a 90-degree bow to the thousands of fans who attended their sold-out concert in Manila.

In a just a span of three hours, NCT 127 has fully exemplified what it means to be linked with the passionate fans that sacrificed so much to be a part of the first ever solo concert of the group. These fans camped out for ticket selling, waited in line for hours, stood till the end of the show – and all of it was receiprorcated by love and passion shown at the stage by the boys. The link between K-Pop idols and fans has never been this close.

Thank you to Pulp Live World and Happee Hour for inviting us to cover this memorable event. 

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