Scary Moments in K-Pop That Will Make You Question Fan Culture

It’s not always a bright sunny day in K-Pop, and we know that! No matter how glitzy and glam the K-Pop industry is, it has creepy and scary moments. Below are just some of the scariest moments and creepy fan encounters that happened in the industry.

ATEEZ Experiencing Racism at The Airport

When ATEEZ landed in Saudi Arabia, an unnamed individual hurled racist slurs and made statements toward ATEEZ. The individual also recorded ATEEZ making racial statements and posted it to his TikTok account. The video quickly went viral, attracting the attention of the Saudi government. For his acts, the individual was quickly apprehended.

Yunho’s Glue Drink

In 2014, TVXQ‘s Yunho shared the details of what happened after his infamous poison accident happened in 2006. He claimed that a fan approached him and gave him a drink. He took the beverage and downed it all at once. He didn’t realize the drink had a strange aroma until after he had finished it. It wasn’t long until he passed out. He recalled how someone had informed him that he had been bleeding when he had fallen.

He discovered afterward that the drink contained super glue. He claimed he couldn’t even talk to people properly since the incident. His eyes kept straying, and he believed he was developing an anxiety problem. After the incident, the K-Pop superstar considered quitting the entertainment industry. He shared how he overcame his trauma in Radio Star.

Fan Dragging The Legs of Dongwoon

In 2011 during INFINITE‘s performance of ‘Nothing’s Over,’ a fan dragged member Dongwoo’s leg off stage. He appeared to be trying to get up, but security personnel assisted him in returning to the platform. Following the occurrence, members’ stunning expressions reflected on their faces

Hidden Recordings of G-FRIEND

Hidden cameras are part of a growing amount of crime in Korea, where men have been caught unwittingly filming women, which GFRIEND experienced during one of their fan signing events in Seoul in 2017. Some members saw a fan wearing glasses with a small, concealed camera embedded in the frame. Yuju was the first to discover the camera and quietly grabbed the attention of the leader, Sowon. Until Yerin requested that the fan remove his glasses. Yerin detected a little camera on the glasses after scrutinizing them. Following the fan’s departure, Yerin became concerned as she informed the manager that the fan was utilizing a concealed camera.

According to their agency, the glasses with the hidden camera were confiscated, and the specific fan would be barred from attending any future fan signing events.

Taeyeon Almost Kidnapped

In 2011, an unidentified guy entered from backstage and tried to yank Taeyeon off-stage during Girls’ Generation‘s “Run Devil Run” performance at Angel Price Music Festival. Sunny was quick to react and attempted to stop the man, as shown in the video. Security personnel was slow to respond since the individual was from backstage and may have been part of the crew. However, the unidentified individual was quickly apprehended by police and security.

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