Korean Celebrities Who Resemble Each Other

Memorizing the names of each member of the group would be the hardest part for a newbie fan. Confusing names and members looking alike are some of the most common lines from a new fan. In the Korean Entertainment Industry, there are a lot more personalities who resemble each other! Here are some of them: 1) Park Seo Jun, NU’EST Minhyun, and Lee Ji Hoon             2) SEVENTEEN’s Jun and SUPER JUNIOR’s Heechul 3) NU’EST Ren and Luhan 4) Kim Minjae and Yeo Jin Goo 5) NCT’s Mark and Kim…

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K-Pop Groups That Took Years to Receive a Music Show Win

In the K-Pop industry, a music show win is a synonym for success. However, several K-Pop groups took them years and were able to hold fan meetings or concerts outside Korea before they achieved what so-called “success.” Here’s the list of K-Pop stars who took the longest to become no.1 on music shows’ chart. EXIDWhen Hani’s solo fancam went viral, the group’s success was unstoppable. “Up & Down” gave them their first win on M! Countdown, 1,057 days after their debut. BRAVE GIRLS They received their first music show win…

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