Top Korean Stars Who Chose To Live With Their Parents Despite Being Successful

While leaving the parents’ home is common in Western culture, it is incredibly normal in Asia to remain with them until you have your own kids. South Korea has seen an increase of young professionals who live alone over the last decade, and as a result of this developing trend, TV shows like MBC’s I Live Alone have been a major hit! However, these few Korean superstars choose to live with their families. Look at them down below! Kim Joong Kook¬† Thanks to the television program My Little Old Boy,…

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K-Pop Legends And Their Inspiring Stories

The K-Pop idols we see today seem to have it all. Fame, money, and love from their fans all over the world; they got it all. But before reaching that status such hardships had to be endured. Here are some of the idols who have inspiring stories before becoming K-Pop legends. Super Junior Eunhyuk He once shared that they lived in a house where there was no toilet, but there was a public restroom station not far from their house, so they would frequently use that when they had to…

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