Hit K-Pop Songs And Their Backstories

Most K-Pop releases have it easy to climb up to the charts. It’s easy to be no.1 on the charts; either the artist is from a big company, has a huge fanbase, or maybe the song is just too good. But these releases took years to be loved by the general public. Here are the backstories of the songs that took years to become a huge hits. My House – 2PM The 2015 release of the group climbed back to the charts after 5 years thanks to the sexy solo…

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K-Pop Songs That Made Everyone Dance

In K-Pop, you can usually dance to a song or two even though the singer/group is not your favorite/bias. The catchy song, repetitive lyrics, and cool dances are ingrained in us who live in the k-pop world. When a k-pop song is popular, you will always encounter it on tv programs, idol covers, special segments on music shows, and other online platforms. They tend to use it everywhere that people can’t help but learn and also jam to the song.  Check out some of the K-Pop songs that made everyone…

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K-Pop Groups That Took Years to Receive a Music Show Win

In the K-Pop industry, a music show win is a synonym for success. However, several K-Pop groups took them years and were able to hold fan meetings or concerts outside Korea before they achieved what so-called “success.” Here’s the list of K-Pop stars who took the longest to become no.1 on music shows’ chart. EXIDWhen Hani’s solo fancam went viral, the group’s success was unstoppable. “Up & Down” gave them their first win on M! Countdown, 1,057 days after their debut. BRAVE GIRLS They received their first music show win…

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K-Pop Songs That Returned To Korean Music Charts

You’ll never know what’s going to happen next. In a fast-paced industry like K-Pop, most artists release 2 to 3 albums in a year. Others may top the charts while most dream to enter at least the top 100 of Melon. However, things might be different for these K-Pop stars whose songs made it to the charts and became hits months or even years after its release. EXID: “Up & Down” EXID released Up & Down four months before it became viral thanks to Hani’s solo fancam performing the song. The…

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