Married K-Pop Idols

Most K-Pop idols begin their careers at an early age and true fans have always been by their side as they grow, face hardship, success, and more. Revealing their romantic relationships is not common in K-Pop and there are times that they get criticized or praised when it’s revealed. Most idols tend to date secretly to avoid this and protect their private lives.  Just like any normal person, idols reach the turning point in their life that they want to create their own family and most reveal it to fans…

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EXO as ambassadors of several luxury brands

EXO is currently dominating the fashion world with several luxury brands getting them as their muse and global ambassadors. We might not see them often as a whole but each of them is busy left and right in dominating the fashion world and continuing the legacy as EXO. Without a doubt, EXO members’ visuals, influence, and impact made these world-renowned brands lining up for them. Here are some of the members and brands they’re working for: Lay as Valentino’s Global Ambassador Kai as Gucci’s Global Ambassador Chanyeol as Prada’s Korea Ambassador…

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