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Top 10 Fastest K-Pop girl groups to achieve first place on music shows

It’s not easy to win first on any music shows in the Korean industry. There are many factors and criterias to consider. It is especially hard for rookie groups because they are just starting and they haven’t proven theirselves much to the public. But these girls are different. These girl groups set a new record and achieved their first win only a few days since their debut. Here are the top 10 k-pop girl groups who are the fastest to win a music show after their debut: IVE IVE debuted…

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K-Pop Songs That Returned To Korean Music Charts

You’ll never know what’s going to happen next. In a fast-paced industry like K-Pop, most artists release 2 to 3 albums in a year. Others may top the charts while most dream to enter at least the top 100 of Melon. However, things might be different for these K-Pop stars whose songs made it to the charts and became hits months or even years after its release. EXID: “Up & Down” EXID released Up & Down four months before it became viral thanks to Hani’s solo fancam performing the song. The…

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