Most Shocking Exits By K-Pop Members. Ever.

One of the reasons why we fell in love with K-Pop is the bond of the groups. We have seen it through variety shows, guestings how close they are and how the group members blend with each other but nothing lasts forever. The common reason for the heartbreak of a K-Pop is a member leaving the group, which is inevitable for a group that has talented members who wish to pursue solo careers. Here are some of the most shocking exits by a K-Pop member. Sulli Sulli took a hiatus…

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Best K-Pop Collabs From 2021

There are several K-Pop collaborations that we cannot forget in the past years and there are several more we should add because 2021 gave us a lot! We can definitely say that we are blessed with great collaborations this year. Check out some of them here: HyunA x Dawn How can we not love this collaboration? Real lovers in one song <3 STREAM PING PONG~ Jessi x HyunA We’ve always wanted to see them in one stage and KBS Music Bank made it happen! For Music Bank’s half-year special, Jessi and…

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Second Generation K-Pop Idols Are Back To Dominate 2021

Old K-Pop fans, 2021 is ours! It’s been so long since we saw news (lots of it) of second-generation k-pop idols releasing new music, but 2021 is finally our year. Now that many of the second generation idols especially the men are out from the military, it is expected that their groups will be together again to promote actively. There are also few female idols that will return to represent second-generation girl groups. K-Pop nowadays is composed of 4th generation idols and some from the 3rd generation and very few from the 2nd…

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