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Korean Celebrities With Jobs That Are Unrelated To Their Degrees

There are a lot of people who landed jobs that have nothing to do with their college degrees. Korean celebrities are not an exception. There are several stars who show off their abilities even without majoring in acting, singing, or comedy. Here are some of them:  Lee Seung Gi Lee Seung Gi graduated in Dongguk University with International Trade & Business degree. He is now taking a master’s degree course, faithfully combining singer/actor activities and studies. He’s currently taking up master’s degree in cultural content at the Graduate School of…

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‘Joseon Exorcist’ Receives Criticism from Korean Viewers Due to History Distortion

In the March 22nd premiere of ‘Joseon Exorcist’, intense criticism from Korean viewers arose due to history distortion. Viewers point out the distortion of the nation’s history. Despite being a fantasy historical drama with added fiction, majority of the respondents say that it is likely to create false historical awareness among domestic and foreign viewers by pulling distorted characters. In the scene where Prince Chungnyeong (played by Jang Dong-yoon) served Western exorcist John (played by Darcy Parkett) and interpreter Marco (played by Seo Dong-won) with Chinese mooncakes and century eggs…

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