Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung’s film “HUNT” will premiere in PH!

Lee Jung Jae, from headlining Squid Game to directing HUNT topping Korean box office with 3 million movie goers and now in the Philippines showing on August 31. Expose the mole within the agency! Can the ‘Hunted’ become the ‘Hunter’? International star and Squid Game Actor LEE Jung Jae has helmed a feature film movie HUNT Director LEE has used his 30-year experience as an actor to lead fellow filmmakers and cast on the set. As of August 21 where the movie locally played on August 10, The espionage movie…

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K-Pop Idols with multiple upcoming dramas and films

Here are the K-Pop idol-actors that will be very busy this year. Aside from their idol activities, these idol-actors will also be part of several upcoming acting projects. Check out the upcoming dramas and movies of our favorite idol-actors: Super Junior’s Choi Siwon DRAMA: TVING’s Work Late, Drink Now Season 2 Love That Will Freeze to Death   Girls Generation’s Yoona DRAMA: Big Mouse   MOVIE: Confidential Assignment 2: International 2 O’Clock Date   Girls Generation’s Seohyun DRAMA: The Jinx’s Lover   MOVIE: Love and Leashes   SHINee’s Minho DRAMA:…

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10 Korean Zombie Series And Movies To Watch For Survival Tips

No fan would disagree with how South Korean filmmakers make the best zombie films and series! An emotional rollercoaster; thrilling, tear-jerking, and heartwarming shows that will be an instant favorite! If a zombie apocalypse happens (if there will be), you gotta watch these shows for survival tips! 1) Alive (2020) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 2) Kingdom 1 and 2 (2019-20) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 3) Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 4) Seoul Station…

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