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Most Random Items That Went Sold Out Thanks to K-Pop Idols

K-Pop idols are indeed good brand ambassadors. If you own a company, no doubt they’re the best to hire to endorse your good as they instantly sell them out. But there are random moments when companies should thank K-Pop idols for advertising their products for free. Here are the random items of some K-Pop idols made sold out. BTS JUNGKOOK – Downy In January 2019, BTS’ Jungkook talked with ARMYs on their official fan cafe. While on the topic of laundry, the fans asked the idol what products he uses…

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K-Pop Songs That Never Received A Music Show Win But Were Popular

There are several K-Pop songs that you wouldn’t believe didn’t achieve a music show win. The songs were famous, and every k-pop person you know must have jived to it. They are actual bops, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the song was not awarded in a music show for some reason at that time. Check out some of the songs that were actual bops with no music show win: Aespa’s Next Level Jessi’s  Nunu Nana Stray Kids God’s Menu Park Bom’s Spring NCT U’s Boss Pentagon’s Shine Twice’s Like Ooh…

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