Best song covers from IU’s Palette

Did you know that IU has its show on her Youtube channel? She has a corner on her channel called [IU’s Palette], and singers and actors are usually the guests. There are currently eleven episodes uploaded already. Every IU’s Palette episode becomes legendary. From the honest talks, the artists’ song performances, and even them covering one of IU’s hit songs. Every time there’s an episode released, it becomes trending. IU’s Power indeed! Here are the Korean singers who sang the nation’s little sister’s tracks on IU’s Palette: *click the video,…

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Korean Celebrities With Jobs That Are Unrelated To Their Degrees

There are a lot of people who landed jobs that have nothing to do with their college degrees. Korean celebrities are not an exception. There are several stars who show off their abilities even without majoring in acting, singing, or comedy. Here are some of them:  Lee Seung Gi Lee Seung Gi graduated in Dongguk University with International Trade & Business degree. He is now taking a master’s degree course, faithfully combining singer/actor activities and studies. He’s currently taking up master’s degree in cultural content at the Graduate School of…

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