SM Entertainment shaped today’s K-Pop culture

There’s no doubt that SM Entertainment shaped today’s K-Pop culture. With CEO Lee Sooman as the founder of the very first idol group to the unique culture, we idol fans are now enjoying. With the unique idol system SM Entertainment started, other entertainment companies used this as a guide and started creating their own idol stars. Their first-ever idol group H.O.T became phenomenal right after their debut. Followed by BoA and TVXQ that not only dominated South Korea but also opened the doors to the International market specifically, Japan and…

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Brainy K-Pop idols’ photocards sought by fans ahead of college entrance exam

Nowadays, Koreans are into finding photocards of these idols not because they are their biases but for this reason. SAT exam is near (December 3) and Koreans want the photocards of these k-pop geniuses as their amulets. For them to also pass or have high scores to their university of choice. The idols on the list are those who are known to be smart and passed/got accepted at prestigious universities in Korea and even abroad. If you’re aiming to also pass on your desired university or you want to have…

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