K-Pop Songs That Never Received A Music Show Win But Were Popular

There are several K-Pop songs that you wouldn’t believe didn’t achieve a music show win. The songs were famous, and every k-pop person you know must have jived to it. They are actual bops, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the song was not awarded in a music show for some reason at that time. Check out some of the songs that were actual bops with no music show win: Aespa’s Next Level Jessi’s  Nunu Nana Stray Kids God’s Menu Park Bom’s Spring NCT U’s Boss Pentagon’s Shine Twice’s Like Ooh…

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NCT And their Endless Subunits

It might be hard for a newbie NCTzen to comprehend all the subunits and the concept of the group itself. Here’s a quick guide for SM Entertainment’s largest boy group to date. The entertainment debuted the group in 2016 explaining the “unlimited” number of members within the group who would go on to debut in subsequent units. In the same year subunits, NCT U, 127, Dream were launched and in 2019 a Chinese sub-unit debuted called WayV. NCT U NCT’s first unit, “U” standing for United. Originally consisted of Taeil,…

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