K-Pop Songs That Made Everyone Dance

In K-Pop, you can usually dance to a song or two even though the singer/group is not your favorite/bias. The catchy song, repetitive lyrics, and cool dances are ingrained in us who live in the k-pop world. When a k-pop song is popular, you will always encounter it on tv programs, idol covers, special segments on music shows, and other online platforms. They tend to use it everywhere that people can’t help but learn and also jam to the song.  Check out some of the K-Pop songs that made everyone…

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aespa’s “Next Level” Language on Their New Single

SM Entertainment’s newest 4 member girl group, Aespa is rocking the charts with their latest single “Next Level” but have you noticed these girls got their own language? Check out the meanings below! First of all, aespa is a combination of ‘æ’ derived from ‘Avatar X Experience’ & ‘aspect’. The group’s name is influenced by the theme: ‘Experiencing a new world via the encounter of the ‘avatar’, your other self’. NAVIS or nævis is the AI navigation that opens portals in and out of KWANGYA.  KWANGYA meaning “wilderness”, an infinite digital world…

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