Hospital Playlist And Their OST Remakes

Did you enjoy every OST in Hospital Playlist Season 1 and 2? These songs are not originally made for the drama but instead, they are remakes of hit Korean songs released in the 1990s to 2000s. Check out few more details about your favorite Hospital Playlist OSTS. If you want to purchase the physical album of their OSTs, you can buy it here: https://shp.ee/bbu2ypj Here are some of them: Season 1 “Lonely Night” was first released in 1997 by Boohwal. It was included in their 5th mini album and member…

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K-Drama Remakes of Western Shows

There are several remakes in the Korean drama world. They have famous movies and dramas that were remakes of Japan, Taiwan, China, and other countries’ films. Even in the past years, there were also few dramas that were adapted from the Western side. It’s not new in Korea but it seems like these days, there are emerging upcoming dramas that were depicted from Western films and series. Here are the new and not so new remakes of Korean dramas: Jane The Virgin The CW series Jane The Virgin will reportedly…

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K-Pop Songs You Didn’t Know Were Remakes

If you have been listening to K-Pop for years, you might not know that some of them are remakes! Hits from the 80s, 90s Korean stars often get a remake from the newer artists. As K-Pop receives attention globally, some of your favorite songs are a remake from western artists. Here are some of them: J-Hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup Original: Webstar, Young B Remake: VAV’s Senorita Original: Kay One feat. Pietro Lombardi Remake: aespa’s Next Level Original: A$ton Wyld Remake: TOO’s Dancing in the moonlight Original: King Harvest Remake: Joy’s…

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Princess Hours confirmed for a remake!

The iconic Princess Hours is getting a remake! Without a doubt, Princess Hours, or “Goong,” is one of the first K-dramas that took over Asia and became one of the pioneers of the Hallyu Wave. On March 5, The managing charge of the original manga version of “Goong,” inked a contract together with Group 8 to produce a remake, which also handled the 2006 drama adaptation. Princess Hours’ story revolves in an alternate universe where South Korea adopts a constitutional monarchy. The male lead is the country’s crown prince who…

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