K-Pop Idols Who Are Considered Great Actors/Actresses

Nowadays, dramas are showcasing various diverse plots. It can be on main channels, cable networks, or online platforms. Some of the famous casted actors/actresses are from popular idol groups. However, the public usually views idols who try to act not as good as to be called an actor. There is also a connotation that the title “actordol” pertains to someone/an idol who is just lucky to have been given an opportunity with acting but is not good enough for a role. Except for these people on the list! These people…

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K-Drama Queens in Second Half of 2021

In the second half of 2021, Korean drama queens will star in several dramas with various genres. Some of these queens will work together with younger male leads. Jun Ji Hyun Jun Ji Hyun will be working with Joo Ji Hoon for the upcoming series Cliffhanger/Jirisan (Mount Jiri). The drama will showcase the people who hike through the mysterious regions of Mount Jiri, the largest mountain on the South Korean mainland. The drama will air in the second half of 2021. Song Hye Kyo Song Hye Kyo is confirmed to play alongside Jang…

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