The Year Of K-Pop Idols’ Military Enlistment

Do you want to know what year your favorite group will possibly start enlisting in the military? We got you! Check out if your fave groups are here. Make sure you also remember the year so that you will not be shocked when the time comes~ (Based on the age of the oldest member(s) that’s required to enlist in the military) DAY6 Debut date: 2015 Year that a member will start to enlist: 2021 SF9 Debut date: 2016 Year that a member will start to enlist: 2021 VICTON Debut date:…

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K-Pop Groups Who Renewed Their Contracts Without Any Members Leaving

In the history of K-Pop, there are only a few groups who renewed their contracts (and still active) with complete members in their current agencies. Yes, you read it right. To be exact, there are only five groups!  This means that their loyalty to their agency and their group members are top-notch.  Right after signing to an agency as a trainee, being assigned to be part of a k-pop group, these idols are still stuck together and are loyal to their group up to this day.  We can conclude that…

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K-Pop Groups That Took Years to Receive a Music Show Win

In the K-Pop industry, a music show win is a synonym for success. However, several K-Pop groups took them years and were able to hold fan meetings or concerts outside Korea before they achieved what so-called “success.” Here’s the list of K-Pop stars who took the longest to become no.1 on music shows’ chart. EXIDWhen Hani’s solo fancam went viral, the group’s success was unstoppable. “Up & Down” gave them their first win on M! Countdown, 1,057 days after their debut. BRAVE GIRLS They received their first music show win…

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Brainy K-Pop idols’ Photocards Sought By Fans Ahead of CSAT

Nowadays, Koreans are into finding photocards of these idols not because they are biased but for this reason. SAT exam is near and Koreans want the photocards of these k-pop geniuses as their amulets. For them to also pass or have high scores to their university of choice. The idols on the list are those who are known to be smart and passed/got accepted at prestigious universities in Korea and even abroad. If you’re aiming to also pass on your desired university or you want to have high grades, you…

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