K-Drama Actors That Have Their Official Lightsticks

In recent years, Korean drama (Kdrama) actors releasing their official lightsticks have become increasingly popular among fans. A lightstick is a glowing handheld device used by fans to show support for their favorite artists during concerts and other live events. While the tradition of using lightsticks originated in the K-pop industry, it has now spread to the Kdrama industry as well. Many Kdrama actors have recognized the importance of building a strong relationship with their fans and have released their lightsticks as a way to connect with them. By releasing…


11 High School Romance K-Dramas You’ll Love

If there’s a K-Drama genre you once got obsessed with its probably; high school romance K-Dramas! Well we can’t blame you for not loving this genre as it brings back memories and gives heart-fluttering moments from the innocent characters! Here are some of the best high school romance K-Dramas we got obsessed with! 1) School 2017 (2017) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix, VIU, and Viki 2) Dream High (2011) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix, VIU, and Viki 3) The Heirs (2013) Watch the trailer…


Song Kang Is Set to Rule The K-Drama World

One of the hottest K-Drama stars as of the moment, Song Kang is undeniably stealing the hearts of every K-Drama fan. In 2015, he appeared in a short drama as the main lead in ‘Hello Spring’. He then starred in several music videos such as ‘Sweet Summer Night’ by The Ade and ‘Love Story’ by Suran. In the same year, he made his official acting debut in the drama ‘The Liar And His Lover’, as a supporting role. After the success of ‘Love Alarm’ in 2019, In 2020 he starred in the…