Chuseok: South Korea’s Biggest Holiday

Chuseok also known as, Hangawi is a harvest festival South Korea celebrates together. Held during mid-autumn and a three-day holiday celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on the full moon. It is believed to be originated from the shamanistic worship ritual of giving thanks to the harvest moon and ancestors. Farmers would express their appreciation and pay honor to their ancestors by offering them their harvested crops, believing that they will have a winter with bountiful food, Today, South Koreans often wear their…

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The Man Behind The Meme in South Korea

On August 8, 2022, Seoul capital of South Korea experienced non-stop heavy rainfall, flooding homes and roads and causing traffic in several parts of the city. Seoulites took to Twitter to give updates about the current situation in their areas. Many shared photos and videos of cars half-submerged in flooded roads and parking areas. As well as water cascading down the stairs of subway stations in Gangnam. While thousands share the cause of the inclement weather, this specific photo became a meme in a few seconds. 올해의 퓰리쳐상 후보…ㅠㅠ pic.twitter.com/HCo8E3o8BZ…

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South Korea to Allow Group Travels by July

Are you one of the many who became a K-Pop or K-Drama fan during the quarantine? Check out this good news! On June 9, the Prime minister of South Korea allows overseas group tours of fully vaccinated citizens to nations with steady virus response measures as early as July. Prime minister, Kim Boo Kyum stated on Wednesday “Starting in July, we prepare to let group travel of fully vaccinated people through discussions between nations with stable antivirus conditions.” Allowing foreigners to travel to S.Korea is an indication of the stable…

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