whats in my bag K-LIFESTYLE K-TRENDS 

What’s In My Bag K-Pop Edition – Part 1

Are you curious what’s in your favorite k-pop idol’s bag? What do they bring with them every day, or what’s the most important stuff that they can’t live without? Or their “인생” item they highly recommend? Items that they can’t live without and made their life easier or comfortable. Know more about your idols with their unique and some of their very personal items as they go through their bag on these clips. NU’EST Minhyun    Jessica Jung   NCT Jaehyun Red Velvet Irene https://youtu.be/lDJ89x2w-K4   Super Junior’s Donghae  …

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Brainy K-Pop idols’ photocards sought by fans ahead of college entrance exam

Nowadays, Koreans are into finding photocards of these idols not because they are their biases but for this reason. SAT exam is near (December 3) and Koreans want the photocards of these k-pop geniuses as their amulets. For them to also pass or have high scores to their university of choice. The idols on the list are those who are known to be smart and passed/got accepted at prestigious universities in Korea and even abroad. If you’re aiming to also pass on your desired university or you want to have…

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Another first from Super Junior

Super Junior might be setting another trend in the idol world. After dominating music, acting, musical, variety industry, and more, they are now embracing to become YouTubers. Super Junior might be the first out of all the groups to have their solo Youtube accounts that they personally create content for. Each of their channels, you can see a unique personality, hobbies and you’ll really get to know more about them. Some are into cooking, live broadcasting, vlogging, gaming, reviewing tech gadgets, and more. Leeteuk  If you like Youtubers who are…

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