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Best K-Pop Collabs in 2021

There are several K-Pop collaborations that we cannot forget in the past years and there are several more we should add because 2021 gave us a lot! We can definitely say that we are blessed with great collaborations this year. Check out some of them here: HyunA x Dawn How can we not love this collaboration? Real lovers in one song <3 STREAM PING PONG~ Jessi x HyunA We’ve always wanted to see them in one stage and KBS Music Bank made it happen! For Music Bank’s half-year special, Jessi and…

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SHINee’s Key Shares His Feelings About The Members to Taeyeon

On March 19, SHINee’s Key appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone,” where Key moved in recently to his new house and invited Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon to come over after cleaning up and doing a tteokbokki mukbang alone. Taeyeon and Key had a catch-up during dinner where Key showed off SHINee’s tight bond with Minho surprising him a housewarming gift and Key also pointing out the gifts given by the other SHINee members, including Jonghyun. Key then confessed, “The hardest thing about this album was the lack of vocals.”…

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