Publicly Recognized Songs from YG Entertainment

Anyone here who’s a YG stan? We all know their music is always high quality. As the saying goes, “we can always trust YG’s music.” YG Entertainment is also known for putting in a lot of effort before they put out their music. Most of the artists under them create their music. This is one of the reasons why even though YG stan or not (muggle), their artists’ music is anticipated and supported by many. That’s why whenever a YG artist’s song is played, the public usually recognizes and jams…

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K-Entertainment News 

Confirmed K-Pop Releases in March 2021

Here’s the list of K-Pop acts releasing new music in March 2021: ATEEZ (March 1) Verivery (March 2) MC MONG (March 2) RAIN (March 3) iKON (March 3) WayV (March 10) GHOST9 (March 11) WOODZ (March 15) Pentagon (March 15) Super Junior (March 16) JESSI (March 17) Weeekly (March 17) MIRAE (March 17) BLACKPINK Rosé (March – no confirmed date yet) Winner Kang Seung Yoon (March – no confirmed date yet) IU (March – no confirmed date yet)

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