Idols Who Were Once Fans Of Your Favorite Groups

Before turning into professional musicians, many of K-Pop idols were inspired by their idols. It is no wonder that we want them to succeed as much as we want to be successful ourselves because they are just like us in some ways and for that reason alone; we want them to succeed. This list of stars who were inspired by their idols is more than just fans who love their idols and wish them the best. In fact, some of these figures have become quite famous on their own through…

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The Most Expensive Idol Gifts Ever. Yes. Ever.

K-Pop fans love to celebrate their idols’ birthdays by greeting them on their fan accounts, attending cup-sleeve events, purchasing themed cakes, and so on, but these specific groups of fans went crazy. Gifts that are extremely expensive. With the overwhelming gifts pouring in from all directions, these gifts drew the attention of the entire fandom as well as the artists themselves. Here are some of the most extravagant fan gifts given to idols. EXO Xiumin On April 9 2018, EXO-L rented out an entire subway line in Seoul to celebrate…

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K-Pop Idols Who Were Rejected by JYP Entertainment

K-Pop idols we look up to today have gone through a lot. From being rejected by many agencies up to the tough trainee program. They’ve endured it all! Here are some of today’s biggest idols who were rejected by JYP Entertainment. BTS J-Hope J-Hope auditioned at JYP Entertainment in 2009 but was rejected. He was then accepted by Big Hit Entertainment and became a trainee. BTOB Sungjae According to Sungjae, he participated in the sixth open auditions, and unfortunately, he was eliminated in the final round. He shared that it…

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