Korean Male Celebrities’ Cribs That You Have To Check Out

Many Korean celebrities reveal their cribs on variety shows that amaze viewers for their design, uniqueness, and size. The viewers tend to have these houses as their pegs for their future homes. But just like their talents, some just seem to stand out for their architecture, cozy interior, and breathtaking views. Check out below our favorite houses among the Korean male celebrities! EXO Kai In MBC’s I Live Alone, the EXO member revealed his new home. He explained that he had been living alone for four months. He stated that…

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K-Drama Stars Who Were Supposed to Debut As Idols

As we all know actors and actresses in South Korea are not just with good-looking faces, with their projects under their name; talent and dedication to their craft are exhibited. But did you know that some of them were trained to dance and sing like your K-Pop idols? Here are some of the actors who almost debuted as idols? 1) Lee Jong Suk In 2013, Lee Jong Suk shared that he trained to be part of an idol group for three months. He dreamed to be like Rain after watching…

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10 Korean Zombie Series And Movies To Watch For Survival Tips

No fan would disagree with how South Korean filmmakers make the best zombie films and series! An emotional rollercoaster; thrilling, tear-jerking, and heartwarming shows that will be an instant favorite! If a zombie apocalypse happens (if there will be), you gotta watch these shows for survival tips! 1) Alive (2020) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 2) Kingdom 1 and 2 (2019-20) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 3) Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021) Watch the trailer here: Where to watch: Netflix 4) Seoul Station…

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