These 6 K-Pop Groups Almost Debuted With Different Names

Just like a product, K-Pop group’s names are part of the whole branding of the musical brand. It reflects the genre the group is going for as well as the image of the members. Check out the K-Pop groups who almost debuted with different names!


Before landing the name GFRIEND the girls almost debuted under the name ‘World Peace,’ ‘Guardian Angel,’ and ‘Hug Hug.’


SISTAR is a unique name for a girl group but the summer queens’ almost got ‘Diri Diri Dara Dara Duru Duru Bop’ as their group name.


Woollim Entertainment became experimental at first before naming INFINITE, names such as ‘Blackberry,’ ‘Supersonic.’ and ‘The Big Dipper’ were among the choices


Originally stood for ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ but in an interview in 2015, BTS revealed that names such as ‘Big Kids’, and ‘Young Nation’ were nominated before ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts.


The girls almost debuted as ‘Wah Wah Girls.’ Thank God for debuting them as MAMAMOO.


CUBE Entertainment’s boy group, BTOB, an acronym for ‘Born to Beat’, almost debuted under the names “Sonic,” “Asian King”, “Arirang” and “74.”

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