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Where To Watch Korean Shows Legally

The demand for fast subbed K-Shows is getting bigger and bigger over time and watching them legally and ad-free is one way of supporting them! But aside from Netflix, do you know where other K-Dramas and K-Variety shows are being streamed? Here are some of the streaming apps you can download to make sure no show will be missed!


Running Man, I Live Alone, 1 Night 2 Days, etc. are available here


Police University, Live On, School 2021, etc are available here


Awards shows, Year-end shows, etc. are available here


Happiness, What’s Wrong Secretary Kim, etc. are available here


Bad and Crazy, Melancholia, Jirisan, etc. are available here

Apple TV

Dr. Brain and Pachinko will be available here


Outrun by Running Man, Moving, Grid, Rookies, etc. are available here


The Witch’s Diner, Work Later, Drink Now, Yumi’s Cells, etc. are available here

Coupang Play

Saturday Night Live Korea, One Ordinary Day, and Anna (soon) are available here

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